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Despite Threatening Messages, Reggie Rockstone Says He’s More Closer To Promzy Than Zeal And Prodigal

Hiplife grandpa, Reggie Rockstone may have received couple of threatening messages from Promzy, former member of VIP, now known as VVIP but he’s not worried.

Whiles commenting on the rumours that, Promzy was rejoining the group after months of leaving, Reggie told YFM that, before thinking of joining the group, Promzy must apologise to him for stories he made up in the media that, he Reggie kicked him out of the group for his own selfish gains.

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Promzy Threatens Reggie Rockstone With Gun_opt

Also, reacting to Reggie Rockstone, Promzy took to Facebook to threaten him with …

The reason behind my silence
1,am not the pussy type running after radio or tv seeking attention or wanna be heard
2,a real street negga don’t talk too much,we put in work
3,real neggaz don’t start what they can’t finish.
4,we don’t have time for low life neggaz.
As old as you are you don’t want to respect yourself,who even made you the grandpa of hip life( that sounds like a self title to me,tell people the truth about me)Never bite the hands that feed you.
Remember this,am always going to be ‪#‎PROMZYAFRIKA the true King of Nima.
So shut the fuck up or else it will be ugly Yaw asante and am not playing.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz about the threatening messages, Reggie said, “Promzy is a little brother and can even be a son to me because my first daughter is 29 years old. I wouldn’t want to come to the level of engaging in unnecessary banter with someone young enough to be my child.

“It will hurt me to know that Promzy is in trouble or facing the law because of me. Never! I have loved him and anyone who knows us can testify that we have a very good relationship. The truth is that I’m closer to him than any of the other two guys, Zeal and Prodigal.”

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