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Delay will not marry Mr nice guy; Fred Nuamah!

For some time now, Deloris Frimpong-Manso has managed to escape questions from the media about when she would get married or who she would get married to but this time has stuck her neck wide out.

Ghallywood actor cum entrepreneur, John Dumelo, who was a guest on the “Delay Show” on Viasat1 last Friday, pushed her until she finally decided to answer the million dollar question.

When will you get married? That was a simple question from the 29-year-old actor, an interviewee who turned to rather pose questions to the hostess of the “Delay Show”.

Delay tried to avoid the question because she is the hostess and not the other way round. But the guest also kept insisting on an answer from the Oman FM Presenter.

Delay and Fred Nuamah

Delay and Fred Nuamah

Delay asked John why he is so much interested in who she is going to get married to and John said “because there is someone in this industry who wants to marry you”.

Blushing, Delay became interested and asked John who that person was. John revealed it is Fred Nuamah, the founder of Ghana Movie Awards.

But Delay sarcastically swore on her television show never in her lifetime will she tie the knot with Fred Nuamah.

Self-acclaimed ‘virgin’ Delay looking very disappointed said “I would rather marry a whiteman than marry Fred Nuamah” and emotively blurted out that “he’s a nice guy and everything but hey, I don’t want to marry him.”

For the first time she opened up on her marital ambition stressing firmly that she will not dare marry a celebrity.

Meanwhile John Dumelo also talking about marriage, promised to unveil his wife in the years ahead.

Source: Peace FM

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