Ded Buddy (Qweci) Covers Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself

His ability to translate popular songs word to word and still sound amazing made him a force to reckon with from days of Boyz 2 Men’s ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ till the release of the hit singles ‘Yebesa’ and ‘Pese Woho’.

This time he has done it again with the phenomenal worldwide hit from Justin Bieber, ‘Love Yourself’ which was released off of Justin’s ‘PURPOSE : The Movement’.

‘Do Wo Ho’ which is Akan for ‘Love Yourself’ by Ded Buddy (QWECi) is made a masterpiece of covers as he goes word to word on the song loved by the masses.Ded Buddy (Qweci)

This is a definite Re-ignition of Ded Buddy (QWECi)

Take a listen and watch the video.

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