David Oscar brings ‘Corporate Comedy Series’ on TV

David Oscar

David Oscar

After touring some parts of the country with his comedy show dubbed Corporate Comedy Series, comedian David Oscar has decided to bring it to TV.

The show which aims at championing the cause of Ghanaian comedians as well as giving them a platform to shine will start airing on Sunday, November 3 on Viasat1.

According to David Oscar who used to host Laugh A Minute on Viasat1, the Corporate Comedy Series show is Ghana’s first standup comedy road show and has been particularly successful, receiving much acceptance from comedy patrons across Ghana and giving a stage, home and image to Ghanaian comedy which until now seemed to be losing the battle for supremacy to foreign intrusion.

“The show is to enable Ghanaian comedians strut their stuff for the Ghanaian audience and also create a base and diversify comedy as a powerful promotional and cost effective advertising tool that can enable brands create experiences with a distinct market segmentation.

“Ghanaian comedy has been marginalised for the longest time, we have the best of home grown talents but always have to ‘import’ acts for shows.

Corporate Comedy Series seeks to give a stage to Ghanaian comedians who have been outlawed and sidelined; I also seek to create an avenue for Ghanaians to experience our home grown talents”.

When asked what viewers should expect every Sunday when the shows starts  airing, David said “The best of Ghanaian comedy from the best comedians not just in Ghana but in the world who have been certified to crack ribs like eggs, We won’t stop until the whole of Ghana gets to know about and believe in our comedy initiatives.

David Oscar was the first Ghanaian to perform on MNET’s Comedy Club. He has been hailed for placing Ghanaian comedy on the pedestal as the show seeks to shine the spotlight on upcoming Ghanaian comedians in the much monopolised market.

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