Daughters of Glorious Jesus outdoor 11th album

Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Ever since gospel trio, Daughters of Glorious Jesus emerged on the music scene about 25 years ago, they have always created an avenue for Ghanaians to enjoy thrilling soul touching performances from them.

And their latest eight-track album which was launched last Saturday at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra is poised to do same.

The new album titled Wo Nnim a, Ennye Yie is the 11th album of the group since their emergence on the gospel music scene.

During the period they have churned out inspiring gospel music in the country and across the world.

The album launch offered their fans an opportunity to enjoy some of their old tunes like Asomdwehene, Okokrooko and Bebree which they performed to the admiration of all on the night.

The new album has songs like Yehowa, Maranatha, Wo Nnim a, Ennye Yie, Aseda, Emmerane, Osoro Montie, and Aseda Nnwom.

The Yehowa track takes its inspiration from Psalm 23 in the Bible which talks about God being a good shepherd who watches over His flock and doesn’t lead them astray.

Aseda preaches about thanksgiving and challenges christians to be grateful to God for His abundant mercies and blessings.

Wo Nnim a, Ennye Yie,
 the title track acknowledges that the strength of every venture is masterminded by the hands of God if it is to succeed; hence without the involvement of God in our daily lives and business engagements, nothing can be possible and successful.

Made up of Monica, Edna and Cynthia, Daughters of Glorious Jesus have been the toast of many gospel music lovers. They are adored and known for their gripping three-part harmony whenever they are on stage.

They sing in Twi and English and are known for their ability to fuse highlife with contemporary Western styles.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus started as  members of the choir of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries headed by Rev, Francis Akwasi Amoako who discovered their talent.

Their first album Anwanwa Do was released in 1990 and was followed up with Mebo Yesu Din Daa in 1992.

Some of their popular songs include Nea Yehu, Aseda, Mesom Awurade Daa, Asomdew Heneand Ngyae Mpae Bo Da.

They told Showbiz that they had always composed songs that were instrumental in enriching christianity and served as praise and worship tools for the body of Christ.

“It is our conviction that this new album will touch the hearts and souls of many for Christ and heal the sick as well.

“It is our prayer too that this album will be a point of transformation for many who will listen to it,” Cynthia added.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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