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Dark Suburb Set To Release New Single “Hustle” Featuring E.L


Ghana’s first alternative rock band kicked off with The Awakening Tour just 5 months ago.

With a total of 14 stops including the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, they managed to take the music industry by storm with a 5 track EP and several live performances which thrilled fans across the country; and ultimately winning the VGMA KFC Unsung Category Award.

With its unique style of songs depicting social issues it was a great start for a promising band! But then to the thoughts of many the band went silent, people wondering about the band’s current status.

“After the awakening tour, we went back to the studios to work on new material. Collaborating with some of the best music artistes in Ghana, we’re gearing up to release 4 singles; one single each month till October, which will reemphasize the new sound we’re imprinting on our music industry. Each of these singles were recorded live, all part of our upcoming album” – Chief Priest.

After the short break, their out again, gearing up to release new songs and going back on tour, playing soon at a venue near you.

The first single “Hustle”, featuring E.L, comes out on July 13, with a live performance on YFM’s Y Lounge.

“You can’t fall if you don’t climb but there is no joy in living your whole life on the ground. Make all you hustles count.”  – Chief Priest

The single, is one of 4 produced by Colter Harper (US) & Lucas Milker (Lithuania). The single will be available via TIGO Deezer & also via other music streaming services right after the radio premiere.Dark Suburb_opt

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