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Dancehall Act De-Lion Releases New Single “Shiinorne” Featuring Flowking Stone

Ghanaian dancehall artist, Fareed Tairu Mabande popularly known as De-Lion is out with a new single ‘Shiinorne’ featuring rapper Flowking Stone.

“Shiinorne” which means “it is what it is” is out from the OM Records.

“I have about eights singles and have featured quite a number of artist. I have songs like ‘Inna mi jungle’ which features Cabum, then I did ‘Shiga chikin’ with Luther and ‘Burning ya feet’ with k-Daanso.”

“I have also featured some of the finest rappers like scientific in a single track titled ‘A me De gyal a want’ which is receiving massive air play and currently working on the video to compliment the track.”

“In a bid to add quality to my music, I have worked with quality producers who understand the art of music, the new single ‘shiinorné’ was produced by Cabum and ‘Stormy weather’ was produced by kill Beat,” he told GNA in an interview.

De-Lion, who has been in professional music for the past five years, and had his first single, titled ‘burning ya feet’ hitting the streets in 2014, has dropped single after single to earn massive respect from dancehall lovers.

The young artist, who is full of energy and optimism has urged young talents who are struggling to make it to cultivate the habit of reading and avoid unnecessary friendship.

“Young artists should get themselves well networked, get up early and stay focused. They should spend less time watching television programmes that will not be of benefit to them and read more books.

“Avoid time wasters and most importantly they must invest in their health. Take calculated risks and write down goals.
“They must work smarter and do something they believe in,” he said.

De-Lion urged music lovers to visit Sound cloud, Spotify, ITunes, Deezer, and YouTube for all his single tracks and videos including the latest with Flowking stone and Scientific.De-Lion  feat. Flowking Stone- Shiinorne (1)

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