Brand New Music: Dada Hafco teams up with K.K. Fosu on “Mensa Aka”

Gradually growing in the genre, Dada Hafco has again released another highlife song which features another highlife great K. K. Fosu.

The song titled “Mensa Aka” which could be translated as “I’ve gotten it” or “I’ve received it” is a song for the matured minds and will stick around for a long time.

Ever since Dada Hafco broke away from the now defunct group Mframa, he has been churning out some great contents of highlife which he says is the only way he could make his music.

According to Dada Hafco, “It’s good to make music for people to dance to it, but is beautiful to let your song speak to people’s souls to inspire or motivate them”.

“Mensa Aka” is a beautiful highlife classic that talks and gives reassurances in relationships.

“Some people meet their partners only to see that they are doing better financially than them or vice versa. And when it happens like that, whoever is on top always entertain some fear of the other dumping them whenever things go right for them.

So is just to reassure them that no matter how much money or whatever that presents itself, am still gonna be here and love you just the way I’ve always been”.

The song is such a beauty, with African instruments which makes it original and authentic.

K. F. Fosu as usual brought his A game to the track, especially singing a hook that’s most known by almost everyone because it used to be in schools.

Dada Hafco says, the build up to his debut album as a solo act is on and he’s hopeful if everything goes right, then his fans and music lovers at large would have a feel of it.mensa-aka-dada-hafco-feat-k-k-fosu

The DadaBees Empire boss says, he wants to thank everyone who has believed in him and even those who doubted him, for he says the best is yet to come.

This beautiful piece was produced by DDT with lead guitar credits going to Dominic and bass guitar credits going to Ben of Big deal band.


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