Dada Hafco releases “Wanim Ye Ha” featuring Flowking Stone

Highlife musician and the general of the Dadabees Empire Dada Hafco has released another highlife classic called “Wanim Ye Ha” which features one of Ghana’s heavyweight rappers Flowking Stone.

The song basically talks about people who pretend to like you but deep inside and behind you will be wishing bad for you. “Wanim Ye Ha” could be translated as “You’re not worth the respect”

The song opens with a guitar intro which introduces Flowking’s intro to the entire song.

Dada Hafco begins with a beautiful singing before the hook comes in. It goes on to a little guitar solo before Flowking comes in with his beautiful rap and punchlines.

The song is seen a bit controversial because of its title and the things it talks about. Its been tipped to become one of the big songs for the year.Dada Hafco and Flowking Stone

Young and prolific producer DDT was on this one.

Dada Hafco who recently celebrated his 10 years anniversary in the music industry has been releasing some highlife classics, stemming from “Hini Me”, “Musuo”, “Friends” etc says he enjoys spending time in recording his songs because he always wanna make sure whatever he puts out is a classic.

Being one of the people championing the cause of highlife music, Hafco says he’s getting closer in completing his debut album as a solo artiste titled “New Era”

He edges all his fans to be on the lookout, especially his whole DadaBees Empire movement.

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