Dada Hafco goes solo with new single

Dada Hafco

Dada Hafco

Since becoming a musician in the early 2000′s, he has exhibited his talent as a rapper, singer and a dancer. But that is not all what he has to offer to the music industry.

He has grown to become a nurtured song writer. Terry Asare Boamah known in the showbiz circles as Dada Hafco as per the concensus reached between the duo(mframa) to do their individual projects has decided to release the biggest highlife tune.

He was very instrumental in the formation of the talented duo, Mframa, with his partner One Pesewa.

Together the duo churned out several hits including their last mega hit “Disco”.

Dada Hafco is out with his hit single entiled “M3nsesa” featuring the D-Styler KK Fosu.

The song is well laid on a reggae beat produced by Ephraim. Audio: M3nsesa by Dada Hafco feat. K. K. Fosu

The combination of the flow of Dada Hafco and KK Fosu produces a soothing blend of melodious highlife music currently missing in the ghanaian music industry.

Dada Hafco has been working with different producers but feels very comfortable working with Ephraim beats who understands the type of songs he writes and is able to produce good beats to go with the songs.

“M3nsesa” would be officially released on the 15th of March 2013 on various media platforms including radio, social media and press. The video is currently been finalized and would equally be released soon.

Another track on the upcoming album which is also making making waves on the social media platform is “Toli Masters”. On this song, Dada Hafco brings out the humor in him by churning out jokes from normal daily lifestyles.

The song is very hilarious and it has already become the talk of town among the youth as well as social media users who were given the opportunity to sample the song a couple of weeks ago. A few radio presenters have fallen in love with the song and have started playing it.

Dada Hafco would soon be releasing the full album in the months to come and is entreating his loyal fans and the general pblic to expect nothing but the best.

Dada Hafco is currently been produced and managed by Airtime Records.

For all enquiries please contact Airtime Records on 0246559298 / 0205387087


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