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CPP Presidential Candidate Ivor Greenstreet says he will consider a de facto decriminalization Of Marijuana

The Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (C.P.P) Ivor Greenstreet says he will consider a de facto decriminalization of marijuana if he wins the 2016 elections.

According to him a survey on marijuana use in Ghana will show that over 60% of Ghanaians are either regular users or occasional users. His statement was in response to a question during a meeting the Presidential candidate of the C.P.P held with the Rastafari Council of Ghana.

Mr Greenstreet met the Rastafari Council of Ghana to acquaint himself with the sentiments and aspirations of the group and also introduce himself and his vision to the Council. He spoke about the pillars upon which the C.P.P is built which are self-determination; social justice and Pan Africanism which he indicated are also held in high esteem by the Rastafarians.

In response to a question on the C.P.P’s position on repatriation and reparations, Mr. Greenstreet noted that the C.P.P government will aggressively pursue a policy of repatriation and reparations and join the global movement on the issue. He also enumerated the C.P.P’s vision for youth development indicating that his government would bring Osagyefo Dr Nkrumah’s vision on youth development in line with modern realities.groupshot

On his part, the President of the Rastafari Council of Ghana, Ahuma Bosco Ocansey expressed the Council’s appreciation of the honor done them by Mr Greenstreet in meeting them to share views and ideas. He described the meeting as historic since no Presidential candidate in Ghana has met the Rastafari Council since its inception in 2009. He took the opportunity to invite Mr Greenstreet to the 1st Rastafari National Conference slated for March 2 at the Musicians Union office in Accra.

Present at the meeting were officials of the CPP including Kwabena Domfeh aka Kabilla and members of the Rastafari Council of Ghana like the Vice President Aswad Nkrabeah, Organizer Nash Laryea and executive members Joojo Boateng and Khex Pongo. Also present was international Rastafari activist Shango Baku and Jah Puni.

Ivor Greenstreets

2016 CPP Presidential Candidate, Ivor Greenstreets

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