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Confidence celebrates birthday today

Confidence HaugenHappy birthday to Confidence Haugen as today marks another year for the model, actress, business woman, designer and philanthropist. She is the CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club andKonfidence label.

She has been in the news lately for one thing or the other, from her attack by armed robbers and most recently the issue of her breasts facing possible danger.

From our source, the former BBA representative will be hosting a ‘quite’ party at 7:00pm with family and invited friends at her residence later tonight. She will also use the occasion to officially launch her new restaurant-Mamaga, located inside the night club.

She has also taken to her twitter handle to alert invited guests on what they are in for and guess what? ‘eto’ as cake. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a native food of the Ghanaian people made of either mashed yam or plantain and garnished with boiled eggs. There you have it.

From our Entertainment Desk, we wish her a long life and prosperity.

See the photo as it was on her Twitter handle Confidencebdaycake


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