Citi FM’s Skelly Dread To Host Reggae Show At Aviation Social Centre

Citi FM’s Reggae presenter and owner of SD promotions limited, Skelly Dread has been billed to thrill true roots reggae lovers at the Aviation Social Centre on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The programme which will last between 8pm-2am is dubbed “The Raggae Express Jam” and coined from the term “Raggae Express,” the name of his programme on Citi FM.

Skelly has been presenting Reggae Express on Citi FM on and off for the past 10 years.

Initially domiciled in the UK, Skelly takes on the slot whenever he is in Ghana, with the exception of 2008-2010 when he was based for a lengthy period, and had a continuous run of the show.

Why the Reggae Express Jam

Reggae Express as a show is unique, compared to the all the other Reggae shows on the airwaves. The uniqueness stems from Skelly’s approach to presentation and the catalogue of music he presents.

His presentation style is very natural, as he just talks his way through the shows. He doesn’t put on any airs, and the programme is carved out for the listeners.

His interaction with the listeners flows so naturally, anyone listening for the first time, might think these listeners are people physically known to Skelly. On the contrary he doesn’t know them physically.

He however makes them feel at one with him and the programme, which inevitably gives the undertone of the knowing each other.

His catalogue of musical selection is very roots inclined and timeless. He has a collection of Reggae music from the early days of Ska, Studio One, Revival, Rock Steady, Roots, and Contemporary Modern Conscious Reggae. He seems to have a hang on what to play when.

The terms of endearment to his listeners are ‘My Nice and Decent People’ OR The Militancy.

They have in turn called several on him severally to organise a jam for them to be able to come together under one roof, to enjoy the musical selection in a dancing environment, as well as put faces to names, hence the conceptualisation of The Raggae Express Jam.

It will finally take place at the Aviation Social Centre on Saturday 14th May from 8:00 pm till 2:00am.

There will be a token contribution of GHC 15 and free entry for first 15 ladies.

Because he is admired by both listeners and fellow presenters alike, there will be other selectors on the night to play on rotation in the persons of Jimmy The Jam, a seasoned all round DJ, King Lagazee of Hitz Fm/Care TV, the current winner of Reggae and Dancehall DJ of the year, and Conscious Queen of Pink FM.

The Reggae Express Jam promises to be a great night, the sort of which hasn’t been experienced before.

It will be a night, purely for revelers who want to dance the night away in a Nice & Decent environment.

There might be some local artistes on the night to grace the occasion however; there will be no performance from any artiste.

This event is solely for listeners of the show and lovers of Reggae in general who just want to come and listen to Reggae music and dance the night away.

The media partner is Citi FM and supported by Kupenda condoms.

The Raggae Express Jam

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