Christians must learn to be tolerant, Mzbel is a Jewish – Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger has asked Ghanaians to be tolerant of her friend Mzbel’s views that Jesus Christ does not exist.

Mzbel on TV Talkshow “Restoration With Stacy” said the story about Jesus Christ were made up.

“I don’t want to offend anybody. I used to believe in ‘it’ but eerrmm, I did my own research and I think ‘it’ was made up but I might be wrong, but by my own research, it was made up. Because the same story 5000 years ago happened in Egypt…”

Afia Schwarzenegger jumped to her defence on Facebook, saying…:

Why are some Ghanaian’s like this…so you wanted her to lie??

I believe in Jesus; the power in the blood of Jesus n I also believe that he is the son of God…that also doesn’t mean I hate Muslims neither do I despise Jewish, pagans norHindus who’s got no business with the man Jesus…i was privileged to practice a little Islam in the north and I can confidently tell u that nothing in the holy Quran depict Jesus as the son of God in fact his name is Anabi Issah in the Holy Quran…i stand to be corrected 

Not every Ghanaian was born a Christian and if I go thru what Mzbel dashed thru in the hands of a pastor…I will change religion with speed.

And the bible says whosoever that believeth not whosoever joins the crowd.
Christians must learn to be tolerant…Mzbel is a Jewish n She worships God directly not thru Jesus Christ…

Enough of the insults wai because you don’t even know if Jesus is the real deal till we all get to heaven, just because we grew up knowing only Jesus doesn’t necessarily means other religions are wrong and stop fighting unnecessary battle for the lord for his name is mighty warrior, if he is mad he will react on his own.

Accepting other religion is termed maturity.

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger

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