Chris Brown’s alleged smoking was really a stage act

Despite huge controversies surrounding Chris Brown’s alleged smoking of weed on stage in Ghana on the 5th of March at the “Hope City Concert” in Accra, Ghanaian DJ and host of Kapital Radio’s radio drive time show Homestretch truly believes Chris Brown’s action on stage was really an act of the song.ny dj

Although one of the several Ghanaians who chastised event organizers, Charter House for such an incidence, NY DJ has thrown in the towel as he says his research on Chris’ stage performance really proved it was an act.

In an exclusive interview with his website, NY DJ said;

Honestly, I now buy into the explanation that Chris’ alleged smoking of weed was an act. You know I was one of the several Ghanaians who bashed Charter House for such an in despicable act. My research on Chris really proved it was a stage act he’s performed in other countries and got people thinking as well.

Although NY DJ felt, he would come under severe bashing like Charter House officials have endured, he was optimistic that Ghanaians who duly research on this act will come to terms with him and Charter House.

He however shared a link to a video of Chris Brown’s similar performance in Oslo on the 17 of November 2012  .

Watch the video from here and listen carefully to audio in the background.

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