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Choosing between a Runway Show or a Fashion Presentation

Fashion shows are a platform not only to showcase a collection, but an entire brand while the eyes of the most influential players within the fashion industry such as buyers, fashion editors, media and consumers are on them.

Depending on how you will want to present your brand vis a vis your new collection, you certainly could use the traditional runway show or a fashion presentation in a way that will make it a memorable one for your audiences as well as captivate the media to want to feature and highlight beyond the event.

Runways have been the tradition over the years however, some designers are known for their dramatic and memorable ways of presenting their collections on the runway. Whereas fashion presentation isn’t new to the fashion industry globally it’s a new adaptation for some designers in Ghana.

With concept stores such as Untamed Empire and Elle Lokko both located in Accra, designers now have avenues to solely organize their own fashion events in another fashion; fashion presentation.

Recently, I attended the launch of Papa Oppong x Lawdin “For the Birds” collection and Aku+Vi “Modern Renaissance” new collections both done in a presentation at the Untamed Empire. With interesting collections and concept, presentation was obviously the best way to convey the message.

With that said, it is important to know what you intend to communicate and choose the most captivating way to showcase them. Taking into consideration your collection inspiration, theme and concept and then decide whether to go for a presentation or a runway show.

Choosing to do a fashion presentation or a runway show depends on the designer or the concept behind the collection. So what will make a designer want to choose a runway show or presentation and what do any of these bring on board for designers and event attendees.

Fashion Runway shows

Fashion Runway shows is a way of presentation though it is done differently. During a runway show, the audience get seated in rows while the models walk by. Some designers even go the extra mile to have their runway show choreographed in an incredibly theatrical way to equally convey an idea or concept.  Models walk elegantly and know where and when to look at the photographer and position themselves for that best shot. They spend quite a short time on the runway probably for some few seconds depending on the length of the runway. And this must be used efficiently both by bloggers and photographers to capture the best looks to share on social media. A runway show could typically last 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the collection.

Fashion Presentations

Fashion presentations are usually done within a space either open or enclosed, big or small. No need to have the guests seated in rows like that of a runway. Some are done like a cocktail party. The live models are staged in a fashionable way while the guests walk by, take photos and have a close look at the pieces the models are wearing.  These models are coached on how to position themselves and for how long to better convey the concept of the presentation. Presentations also give bloggers and editors’ better opportunity to view and analyze the pieces, finishing and quality in order to give a better press, as people can observe and stare at the collections for as long as they please. Presentations could last from 30 minutes to an hour or longer.

As designers start their application processes and preparations for fashion show participation, it is a great deal to make an appearance that will be memorable whether you opt for the traditional runway show or this time round do a fashion presentation.

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