Chemphe’s “Purple Kiss” Concert slated for November 30

One of the most consistent artistes for the 2012/2013 music calendar has been Chemphe. He has been involved in very visible projects including the recent composition of the AU@50 youth campaign song for the YCMAs and a heavy endorsement for a Europe based car company Stoubiz.

It was also visible that the release of songs like “Left Over” , “Kiss Me”, “African Lady” and “Global Citizens” and “Can I Be” after the release of “Number 1” , really helped the artiste to maintain his spokes on the video and music charts in Ghana and worldwide.

Having a lot of success in airplay in Scandinavia and Asia, the artiste believes Ghana should export more local talents to increase dominance in the African music industry.

Ghana’s King of R&B finally announced the date for his upcoming “Purple Kiss” concert during a private interview. He revealed that his upcoming album will be released in Ghana on Saturday November 30, 2013 this year and is well prepared for it. Chemphe added that there have been vigorous preparation since the beginning on the year and intends to release the masterpiece prior to Christmas to meet his global demands.

Chemphe’s album  will be organized by the Team based E-Jam records with support from some selected key multinationals.



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