Chemphe’s “Can I Be” video rated A* and epic by global experts

Chemphe’s new music video ‘Can I Be’ has generated numerous global responses after its release just few days ago. The Scandinavian family expressed appreciation for the recognition by the Ghana’s artiste and applauded his effort by involving a Formula 1 driver in the video. The video received an A* from Danish critics who are experts in the industry. They considered the video as the best Afro-Beats video ever to penetrate the Scandinavian market.

“Can I Be” involved a formula 1 driver spinning the burning Ferrari and a Danish super model was shot in Ghana and edited by phamous films.

According to Chemphe he is likely to launch the “Purple Kiss” album in Ghana this year after taking it off his budget plans last year due to his Anti-Poverty Social Programmes executed.

CEO of E-Jam Records, Diddy Korsah confirmed that the artiste is still pursuing his global goals and is currently on top of the list for most corporate events like the YMCA and financial institutions. His manager added that the artiste will outdoor his “Purple Kiss” concert in September 2013 with a press launch and an album concert.

Watch the much talk about video:



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