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Charles Antwi, The Man Who Wanted To Kill President John Mahama Was Deported From Italy On Suspicion Of Being Mentally Sick

A man who claims to know Charles Antwi, the man who sent a pistol to a chapel where President John Dramani Mahama worships says Charles Antwi was indeed deported from Italy on suspicion of being mentally sick.

The man, popularly known as Burger Alex told Suncity Radio’s Morning Show Host Nana Kas that, Antwi arrived in Italy by boat from Libya and was accommodated by him.

President John Mahama

President John Mahama

According to him, he later noticed some abnormal behaviours by Antwi. Burger Alex recounted that Antwi on several occasions said he wanted to be President of Italy and at times said he would be President of Ghana.

Asked what work Antwi did in Italy, Burger Alex said he had no fixed job but suspected he was sexually satisfying people’s wives for a fee; a situation he said could have had some spiritual repercussions on him.

He said Charles Antwi once demanded food from him late in the night and when he could not meet his demand, he bit him (Burger Alex) to the extent that he had to seek medical attention.

Charles Antwi

Charles Antwi

He also cited another instance when Charles Antwi burnt his bicycle which led to the fire and police personnel being called in. According to Burger Alex this latter incident ended up in an Italian court, where it was detected that he (Antwi) was not mentally sound and thus was subsequently deported to Ghana about six year ago.

Source: Suncity Radio 97.1, Sunyani

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