Challengers brace up for final eviction!

It’s getting hotter as we inch closer to the season finale of the challenge season 6. At this point, nothing will be left to chance; any challenger who drops the ball even for a second would have to leave the competition.

The stakes are high and rightly so, the challenge reality show has maintained a certain kind of excellence from its inception and season six only gave credence to the fact that it gets better with time.

The Challengers had a final task to prove to viewers and the Board Members that they had what it takes to win the biggest prize package in reality show in Ghana. Their final task was both exciting and challenging.

Producers of the show certainly outdid themselves this time by finding a way to mix education and entertainment on a treasure hunt. Yes, the Challengers went on a treasure hunt with an interesting twist.

Viewers of the Challenge have become used to seeing the Challengers compete in teams but with the final task, they competed individually. This task as to provide the viewers needed to see what each Challenger could do on their own without the help of other team members.

The task was exciting as Challengers batted their way  to answer clues from topics ranging from Archeology to Zoology, all in a bid to find the treasure which as a sleek windows 8 phone and of cause gain immunity from eviction.

This being the final task, it was certainly a make or break for the Challengers but in the end, Yawa emerged as the winner of the final task earning her a place in the finals.

A task winner which is good news for one person means eviction and bad news for another. All through the season viewers have been encouraged to vote for their favourite contestants, even though voting is not the only means of keeping a contestant in, it was a way of giving them a head start. And when the two Board Members were introduced, producers promised a more clinical and focused analysis of tasks before eviction.

Who gets kicked out after the Tigo Digital Change Makers and treasure hunts tasks?

The final eviction which will be handled by Albert Ocran airs tomorrow night at 8:30pm only on GHOne TV.The Challengers


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