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CEO Of KB Empire Records Vow To Unite The Music Industry In Ghana

KB Empire Records founder and managing director Kwabena Boateng urged musicians not to give in to the music stress and fear.

He vowed to unite the music industry in Ghana and move it forward as he is ready to imperil all the peril. Kwabena Boateng previously made it known in Graphic Showbiz about a month ago that he is ready to rescue emerging musicians.

Following his promising, the record label founder, signed female songstress Afiba in addition to Iyk Wonder on his label which they all are doing well in the music scene. Currently they are on promotion for their songs “Nobody Knows” by Afiba and “Mr DJ” by Iyk Wonder which he featured Togbe, winner of MTN Hitmaker third edition.

Kwabena Boateng who is entertainment minded on his label’s page today has promised to build a better tomorrow for music excellence together.

Below is what he said in a Facebook post;

“We are surrounded by negativity. There’s negative talks, negative thinking, negative people and influences and so forth. While there are things and people to make you feel better, there are ones who will always try to pull you down, intentionally or unintentionally. Identify the thing or the person or the thought that went into the disrupting of your daily productivity. Knowing what is sapping your energy will take you halfway towards the problem of being unproductive or having a grumpy day. Take note of every thought, action or person that made you lose your energy and squander your daily productivity.”kb

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