CEO Of End Point Homeopathic Clinic Dr. Adu Boateng Donates 5000GHC To Actor Jagga Pee To Pay Hospital Bills

CEO of End Point Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Adu Boateng has donated 5000GHC to the veteran Ghanaian actor Jagga Pee to pay for his medical bills.

The money was handed over to the veteran actor by comedian and musician Kwame A-Plus who thanked Dr Adu Boateng for his kind gesture.

The veteran actor Jagga Pee, born Abeiku Nyame few days ago appealed to President John Dramani Mahama and generous Ghanaians to come to aid to help him pay for his medical bills.

Jagga Pee told a reporter from RazzOnline that;

My brother Reagan Mends, things are not well for me at all. I have been very sick for almost a year now. Money to pay for my hospital bills has been very difficult since I don’t often get jobs like I use to. I went unconscious and was admitted at the Holy Trinity Hospital then was later transferred to the 37 Military Hospital. I still owe the two hospitals Ghc2,500.00 for bills. I  can’t pay the bills so I am appealing to president Mahama to come to my aid by helping me with his’“celebrities for Mahama project’.

Join us to say a big Thank You to the End Point Homeopathic Clinic and Dr. Adu Boateng.

Jagga Pee in spectacle with Kwame A-Plus, Amanda Jissih and others

Jagga Pee in spectacle with Kwame A-Plus, Amanda Jissih and others

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