Celebrity Twist: “It Takes Two” Returns With More Cash Prizes And A New Host

Sunday nights are typically slow in most households, students are getting ready for school and parents are preparing for the busy week ahead. Usually, everyone seems to want to take Sunday evenings a bit slow, but from this Sunday evening and every other Sunday, your Sundays will never have to be slow again.

Sunday evenings just got exciting as the award winning TV Game show, “It Takes Two” returns to your screens with a new host, more buzz, captivating moments, suspense, and oh! More cash prizes to be won.

Wait a minute! Don’t get excited yet, there is more, aside from the promise of double fun and excitement of what you know “It takes two” to be, there is an amazing new and colourful set, interesting contestants and segments that will guarantee you stay glued to your seats from beginning to end.

And there is more, the season will beginning with celebrity episodes. Yes! Your favourite celebrities will appear on the show as contestants with their best friends.

Have you been eager to find out more details about your favourite celebrities? The kind of details you would not get on any gossip blog? Then make a date with the new season of “It Takes Two” for the juicy details you have been itching to know about your favorite celebrities, details from people who know them best.

Now let’s talk about another main attraction to the show, the host Blaqueboi whilst some viewers will be paying attention to the amazing new set and the game segments, others will be focusing on the dark colored hunk who will be in the middle of affairs.

He is not all about great looks; Blaqueboi is smart, witty and funny, just what an award winning TV game show needs.

Season two of your favorite TV Game Show premieres this Sunday 5th April 2015 at 6pm and this and every Sunday at 6pm on GHOne Entertainment Television.Blaqueboi - GhanaGist

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