Celebrity Column: “Your Inner Circle” by Peace Hyde


Hello and welcome to a piece of peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week, I will like to share with you on the topic of “Your Inner Circle”.

Have you ever had one of those friends who seem to always find a fault in something everybody is doing? No matter what progress someone made, their achievement is just not good enough.

I had a similar experience this week. A mutual friend had just received a promotion which was a pretty huge deal. The promotion was accompanied by some pretty amazing perks. We were all gleefully celebrating the good news until one of the ladies in the group highlighted that the new promotion was not on merit but rather solely on my friends relationship with her boss. Now ordinarily this would be a good gossip session, however I knew how much work my friend put in over the years.

Nobody saw the long hours and the times where she even missed her children’s birthdays only to meet a deadline or the times when she finished work at 10pm instead of the mandatory 5:30pm closing time which every other employee was adhering to. What struck a chord with me however was the fact that, the accusation was coming from one of her closest friends who she had just shared the good news with. So my question was, if she could boldly tell us about our own friends apparent “dirt” then who else will she disclose these incriminating statements to?

Sometimes the people we celebrate our success’ with are the same ones that will bring us down. There are people who no matter what you do, will simply not be happy for the progress you are making in your life. Envy can be a very powerful tool for self-destruction. It can prevent you from learning the lessons that will also help you to change your destiny.

Some people will always find a fault in everything you do. They will always belittle your achievements to make themselves feel better about their failure to achieve. Be mindful of such people. After all, you are the company keep around you. Remember, the people you allow in your inner circle hold the power to both encourage you and also destroy you so please choose wisely. Remember always to be yourself because everyone else is taken, much love peace Hyde.

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

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