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Celebrity Column: “Setting A New Standard” By Peace Hyde

Hello and welcome to a Piece OF Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. Today I would like to share with you on the topic of “Setting a new standard.”

Nobody can treat you in a way that is not acceptable if you do not allow them to do so. You have absolute control over the way the outside world interacts with you. Our own personal standards and what we will or will not accept predominantly influence whether positively or negatively, every encounter we have with people.

Take for example, victims of abusive relationships. We have all heard several encounters of spousal abuse where the victim continues to stay with the partner until a tragic end.

The fear of losing what we think we cannot live without creates a tolerance for actions, which should never be acceptable.

My very good friend once told me that she only left the father of her two children after he got another girl pregnant. Up until that point, she forgave all the cheating, lying and the stealing of her money for drugs.

When I asked what about the pregnancy made her draw the line, she said that was just way below the belt and she had to put her foot down because she had already tolerated enough negativity in the relationship. She reasoned that, it was now time to think of the well-being of her two children.

Maybe the love that she thought she was still holding on to did not exist after all. For my friend, the standard of what she would not take was another woman’s child in the family dynamics. Up until that point, she was willing to forgive and continue working on the relationship.

When you stand up for what you deserve, whether it is business or personal, God and the universe honour that and your next level of blessings come through. You have to show that you have a new standard. Remember, standards are what you allow.

Don’t get comfortable accepting relationships that don’t grow and honour you, jobs that don’t honour your level of experience or rates, and friends that don’t support you. Set a new standard and watch a new flow happen! Stand up for yourself and set a standard! After you set it, stand in it fully. It may take a while for some to catch on but it will be worth it. And always remember, be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much Love,

Peace Hyde.




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Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

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