Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde – You Are What Your Dream

Hello and welcome to a Piece of Peace, today I would like to share with you on the topic: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU DREAM”.

A dream is a dominant idea that is ever present within us and constantly provokes us to greatness and awakens a desire to do all that we can to be more than we are. It constantly pushes us to reach for things we cannot see or touch but inwardly know that it exists. It does not require approval by anyone to become a reality but the dreamer. That means you alone can create or destroy your dreams. For most of us, that burning desire to achieve can be quite daunting. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure or fear of disappointment. That fear keeps us in the same place where there is no progression and leaves us feeling demotivated. It is important that each day, you let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings. The path to success lies in your ability to continue pushing forward even in times where you feel that all hope is lost.

All dreams can come true, but small dreams take less time while big ones require a lot more time, effort, hard work and persistence. So when you see other people’s success, do not be jealous or envious. Instead understand that each individual has a different dream and you are working diligently towards making yours a reality. No body said the journey will be an easy one. In fact, the level of difficulty you face should reinforce to you how much you are on the right path, because you will find that there are only a few people who will be walking that same path as you. Shrinking your dreams because of fear of rejection should never be considered. You alone have the ability to transform your world and impact those around you. Go after your dream no matter how unattainable others think it is.

There’s going to be times when people tell you that you cant live your dreams. Never say never!

All people dream. But not equally. Those who dream by night and those who dream by day. The night dreamer’s wake up in the morning only to a memory of the night’s events but the dreamers of the day are dangerous people. For they dream their dreams with open eyes and make them come true.  Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. You are the author of that book which means you can write the biggest blockbuster or create a little manuscript, which nobody reads. It is entirely up to you. Dreams are for those that won’t accept reality, as it is, so they dream of what is not there and make it possible. The world is made of dreamers that change reality because of their dream, and what we must do is we must give our young people dreams again. Dream Big and be Great.

Remember, be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

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