Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde: The road to success has many parking spaces!

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

Welcome to your regular dose of ‘A PIECE OF PEACE’! I believe we are all born to be great in our own way, and life is a journey laced with a series of lessons to enable you to unlock your inner greatness! So stayed tuned for a personal insight on tips, information and advice aimed to inspire and motivate that I am discovering as I embark on my journey to unlocking my inner greatness. I hope it helps you as it is helping me!

Today I would like to share on the topic: THE ROAD TO SUCCESS HAS MANY PARKING SPACES!

There are times where you will come to a crossroad on your journey to success. On one hand lies all the things you have been trained to believe you are by your family, education or even friends. On the other hand is where you believe you are meant to go in life. Sometimes making the right decision at this crucial point in your life can be very difficult indeed. We grow up trying to meet the expectations set for us by those we care about. We have been conditioned into thinking that taking a particular route in life is best for us and that is the only way we can succeed. However, what happens when we feel we have another dream that is a contradiction to what everyone expects of us.

We all have a purpose in life. Some are fortunate to realise that purpose very early on in life. But for most people, it takes a while to marry those God given skills and attributes in such a way that it givesq birth to your passion. If you are at that point in your life right now where you feel you are not doing what you are destined to do, you are probably right. It is the first step to identifying what your true calling is. What plan do you continuously think about? What will you be happy to do each day for free? How far are you willing to go to see that dream turn into a reality?

Do not let the expectations of others keep you trapped in a place of inactivity and depression. We are all in control of our individual journey in life. No two paths are the same and no one can determine where who you are supposed to be in life except God. Living other people’s dreams is a guaranteed way to leading an unfulfilled life. You are meant to be more than your current circumstance. Each day is another opportunity to walk into the blessings that God has laid down for you. You have been given a new gift today. Do no let the plans of other people limit the greatness that God has in store for you. You alone can decide what your journey should be. Everyone on your journey so far was meant to get you to this point. The next phase of your journey is all down to you. Identify your passion and become who you are destined to be.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Peace Hyde.


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