Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde: Thankful!

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

Welcome to your regular dose of ‘A PIECE OF PEACE’! I believe we are all born to be great in our own way, and life is a journey laced with a series of lessons to enable you to unlock your inner greatness! So stayed tuned for a personal insight on tips, information and advice aimed to inspire and motivate that I am discovering as I embark on my journey to unlocking my inner greatness. I hope it helps you as it is helping me!

Today I would like to share on the topic: THANKFUL!
“It’s a new day. I’m breathing. I’m blessed. God still has a plan for me. The world needs my life, my smile, my talent, my light and my encouragement. I can’t give up!” Sometimes starting each day with a simple declaration reminds you of how easy it is to take life itself for granted. Each day brings a new set of demands, requirements, challenges which can easily distract you and prevent you from appreciating life.
Life is a balancing scale. On one end we have all the positive things that bring us joy and encouragement to live each day. On the other end we have the negative moments, which spring forth and destroys our peace of mind. Unfortunately, one cannot exist without the other.
The only difference between an ordeal and an adventure is the attitude you have towards the situation-taking place.  So many people were not blessed to wake up this morning but you did. Which means God is giving you another opportunity to turn things around. No matter how crazy things get, remember to keep going.  Sometimes it is easy to let the casualties of life take you away from the now. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in people, places and events that you end up missing the best moments in life. Make the choice today to focus a little harder on living in the moment and a little less on circumstances you can’t change.
Do not waste that time on petty squabbles and disagreements. Choose to say a kind word to someone instead of something negative. Choose to be tolerant of others instead of discriminating against them. Choose to love someone instead of harboring hate.
Remember and start and end each day being thankful for every little thing you have in your life. Things may be difficult at the moment but no situation remains the same forever. God is about to take you where you cannot go on your own. Where you are today and what you are going through is not by chance. God is using the situation you are in right now to shape you and prepare you for what you are about to go into. Trust him and put faith in him even if you don’t understand it, and remember no matter what you do, always take time out to count your blessings and remember how lucky you are. This moment in time is all you have. So make the most of it and leave the rest to God.
Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
Peace Hyde


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