Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde – Sticks and Stones


Welcome to this week’s Piece of Peace. Today I would like to share with you on the topic: STICKS AND STONES

There is a basic fundamental need we all have as humans to belong to a social group and to be accepted by other people. This fundamental need means we consistently crave the comfort that our social circle brings. It means that, as we grow up, our friendship circles become more and more imbedded in our lives. They help shape our moral fabric, they determine to an extent the levels of happiness we exercise and they shape our opinions on how well or not we are doing in life. Our need to belong and to feel accepted forms the cornerstone of the level of success we feel we have attained.

For example, for most people, success does not really mean a lot to us, unless society validates our efforts. Thus if everyone can see and acknowledge that the new sports car that you have purchased is impressive, then we are more likely to be excited about our success. This validation need we have means that, we are consistently bombarded with differing thoughts on how we should live our lives. People are temperamental. They are unpredictable. Today you may be the best thing they have ever seen, but tomorrow those same people will treat you like a plague.

You simply cannot rely on public opinion to validate the progress you are making in life. It is the surest way to fail. There was once a time that Michael Jackson was hailed by everyone as the greatest and most amazing talent ever seen. Those same people called him a pedophile and mentally unstable at a later stage. The validation we want can only come from within.

Every one of us is on a unique path to greatness and it means that no two journeys will ever be the same. Sometimes when your journey seems to be bearing more fruit for you than others, the envy and the jealousy means that people will move from support mode to attack mode and if you are someone who is heavily reliant on the opinions of people for validation, you will begin to undo all the blessings that God has given you thus far. When you get to a stage where everyone seems to want to be your friend, know that it is the first warning sign that you are doing something wrong. Success has no friends. Not real ones anyway. It brings with it a lot of fake people who want to share the limelight of God’s blessings in your life.

It is important not to let the comments of negative people weigh you down. It takes a lot more effort responding to negativity than it does to ignore them. People who disregard the way you feel and try to bring you down do not need any extra attention. Some things are simply not worth the fight. There comes a time when the much sort after love that we crave from people will no longer be available.  What will happen then? Focus your energy on positive self-development and always being a blessing to every person around you. The only person’s opinion you can trust is that calm assuring voice from within. Some call it instinct. I like to think it is the presence of God directing us on a path that is just perfect for us. Learn to trust that voice and block out the negative comments from people.

Remember be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Much love,

Peace Hyde.

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