Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde – Overcoming Negative Traits!

Peace Hyde

Welcome to your regular dose of ‘A PIECE OF PEACE’! I believe we are all born to be great in our own way, and life is a journey laced with a series of lessons to enable you to unlock your inner greatness! So stayed tuned for a personal insight on tips, information and advice aimed to inspire and motivate that I am discovering as I embark on my journey to unlocking my inner greatness. I hope it helps you as it is helping me!

Today I would like to share on the topic: Overcoming Negative Traits!

We all have certain individual traits. Some we are born with and others we learn throughout the journey of life. Not all of these traits are good for us. In fact, some can be extremely detrimental to our dreams of success. A negative trait like one of the following examples; procrastination, laziness, arrogance, complacency, selfishness etc., can more often than not, hinder the level of progress we are looking to make in our lives. They can be very difficult to get rid of, as they are things that have now become habit and thus are naturally carried out by us. Like any bad habit, there needs to be a dedicated effort to remove them from our lives in order to focus on the positive attributes that will elevate us to greatness.

Kicking any bad habit requires support. This can be hard to find especially if those bad traits end up alienating those closest and dearest to you. If you are in this boat today, understand that it is not too late to still make that change. You are all you need to turn your life around. The negative things we pick up along the way can be unlearned with the right injection of focus reinforced by positive traits like loyalty, hard work, determination and persistence.

We all have our shortcomings. It is true that no one is perfect. The secret however is not to appear perfect, but to adopt a set of life principles that shape your actions in a way that becomes a blessing to those around you. Learning to overcome negative habits or traits is very important to achieving this. We are all a sum total of the experiences we have been through. However, not all our experiences leave us with a positive mind-set. Remove negativity and self-doubt from your life today by determining to improve the things that hinder your progress. Something as simple as I will do it tomorrow, can very well be the difference between the breakthrough you are looking for today and the stagnant state your life still remains in. learn what your bad habits are and dedicate the rest of this year to removing each and every single one of them by replacing them with positive ones.
Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Peace Hyde

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