Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde – Every cloud has a silver lining

They say everything has a season, but isn’t it funny how it seems like the bad seasons invariably last for an abnormally long period of time? Getting through negative setbacks is an extremely difficult thing to do but spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better. I know there are a lot of inspirational messages and quotes which profess to solving this experience, but trust me when I say, sometimes applying them to your own personal circumstances is much more difficult than you may think. But I am here to tell you that it works. It may take you a while to notice but the fact that you are still reading this message right now shows that you have already committed yourself to pushing through that negative setback. It all begins with the right attitude.

Today’s message is quite simple and straightforward. Be strong. Things will get better. It may be stormy now but it never rains forever. We are all strangers to our hidden potential until we confront problems that reveal our capabilities. You are much stronger than you think. Every negative situation you face is an opportunity for God to show you exactly what you are made of. Think back to the last major setback you had. I am sure at the time you felt like things will never change. But here you are today facing a new set of challenges. Losers quit when they fail but winners fail until they succeed. Which one are you?

If you are a winner then the first thing you need to learn is that people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do. That kind of thinking brings with it a lot of enemies of progress. A lot of people who will tell you to give up on that ridiculous dream. They will not like you. But that is ok. Don’t change so people will like you, be yourself so the right people will love the real you. The hardest bit of the journey is the beginning. Persevere until you succeed.

Do not let people be your measure of success. People are inconsistent. We love the rags to riches story and at the same time adore the fall from grace novel. Achieving your dream, no matter what it may be, should be your one and only measure of success. It should be the only thing that keeps you going no matter what. When people start loving what you are doing and you realise that all of a sudden there are a lot of friends in your once lonely circle, know that you may possibly be in the wrong environment. Success brings with it many fake people in the form of friends. Nobody wants to help you to get to the top but everybody wants to enjoy your achievements once you get to the top. Focus on what is important. Not the adoration from people who know nothing about your journey, but the burning passion that God has placed in your heart. It is all you need to push through this difficult patch. Never give up on that dream. You will be amazed how amazing it is when you finally realise it.

Remember, be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Peace Hyde.

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