Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde – Do unto others, what you would like to be done unto you

Peace Hyde

One of my all time favorite love quote is: “Love is like a butterfly, it goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes”.

This I think is so true. Where there is genuine love, there is always happiness and joy. It gives us the ability to face each waking moment with “VIM” and excitement.

In our ever changing and increasingly difficult world, it is sometimes easy to do away with the notion of love for more tangible and most often monetary replacements. It is important to remember however, that love is the glue that holds all of mankind together. The love we show one another creates a world of peace and understanding. It helps us to build tolerance for those we would not be able to stand. Love is our way of showing the world that no matter who you are, no matter your background or education level, we are all created with the highest grace and favor and as a result it is our individual responsibility to show care and tolerance for each other.

I am the first person to admit however that this is no easy feat. There are certain situations that we find ourselves in that we simply struggle to remember to show care or concern for our fellow brothers or sisters. So the question now remains, how do we overcome the obstacles that block us from showing love to each other?

It is very simple and can be summarized nicely in the statement:

Do unto others, what you would like to be done unto you.

When you decide what level of treatment is acceptable to you, exercise that same level of treatment unto other people. Love is about compromise. It is not spiteful. If you hate lies and value the truth, reciprocate this principle when dealing with others. Love is about faith. Through love we show faith in our fellow brothers and sisters. If you are in a relationship, you have faith in your partner that he will do the right thing by you. We have faith in our friends that they will always have our backs and let us know when we are going wrong. And in our religious circles, the faith we put in God shows the amount of love we have for Him. Love does not have a race. It sees everyone as one and the same. It is blind. It embraces every culture, every ethnic group and every demographic. Love does not encourage Hate. Even when we feel we do not agree with the actions of other people, with love, we learn how to handle our negative emotion, which helps control the spread of, hate. We all have the capacity to show so much love. If only we exercised that more often, I believe most of the problems we face could easily be alleviated. It is only with a positive mindset and a clean heart that you can grow as an individual.

Remember, be your self, because every one else is taken.

Peace Hyde.

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