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Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde – ‘A Prisoners Dream’

Hello and welcome to this week’s PIECE OF PEACE your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share with you a very inspirational poem written by a special young lady THELMA GELEPLAY  entitled “A PRISONERS DREAM”.
After recently completing a speaking engagement where I shared on breaking free from your mental Prison, I was approached by this inspirational young lady who shared with me her poem which touched on the same topic. It is amazing to witness such talent from a young lady and this week it is an honour to share with you this poem.
Always remember, be yourself because everyone else is taken.
Much love,
Peace Hyde
Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

I was born a free child but my deeds have kept me in chains
Life, time and mind are gifts to all. I have all three but cannot use two
I seized my time and mind by the deeds of my own hands.
I have my time and mind but cannot make maximum use of them.
Life gave to me the dish that I prepared with my own hands
Now I spend my years having the dish that I prepared which I dont enjoy.
With knowledge of the facts that lie before me, I have nothing left but one Dream
This dream of mine I wish to come true
The dream of using my time and mind and making up for all I’ve done.
To walk the aisle of my own life and to see the making up I’ve done
The day I’ll walk off these chains and pass these walls of heavy gates and locks.
The day of my new beginning, that’s my Prisoner’s Dream.


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