Celebrity Column: Peace Hyde: A Piece Of Peace: Finish Up Strong!

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

If you are reading this week’s “PIECE OF PEACE” it means you have made it to the half way mark of the year. One half of our year is complete. Some of us have had an amazing year so far and some of us not so much. Whether its been successful or not, let this month be the beginning of you deciding to take full opportunity of the chance you have been given to finish up strong. For the next six months, decide to go after what you want. Think of it as the six months warm up to your new year.  Its not really about how you started but how you finish. Remember this is a marathon, not a race.

Whatever has happened in the past couple of days, weeks or months, now is the time to let it go. There is no instruction manual to life. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. Do not expect to get anything back, do not expect any recognition for your effort, and do no expect to gain anything that you haven’t worked hard for. Find peace with that and simply move on. Not out of pride or arrogance but acknowledge that whatever does not fit in with your life should be let go off, close the door on, change the record and focus on your new season. Your failures so far are not how the final chapter of your year will be written. There is still today, tomorrow and the rest of the year to go.

The great thing about being able to wake up every morning is that it means that God has granted us another opportunity to be great, so let this month be the start you have been waiting for or the motivation to continue making this year amazing. Make the decision to be a relentless person and keep pushing yourself everyday to be more. Don’t take “NO” for answer. Try things one way and if it doesn’t work try another way, but whatever you do, do not give up. It’s not too late to make this your year. Ready? Set? Lets go!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.


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