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Celebrity Column: ‘New Level New Devi’ By Peace Hyde

Hello and welcome to a piece of peace. Your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share on the topic “New Level, New Devil!” Remember back in the good old days of video games?

Well I certainly do. Growing up in a household of two brothers, I was constantly bombarded with the latest Nintendo, Sega mega drive or some other device with an even weirder sounding name promising to be the next best thing in video gaming.

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Naturally, my two brothers who were at a gullible age managed to go out and buy any and every new video gaming console that came out. I remember at a point in time we had about 10 devices scattered across the floors of the living room to the displeasure of my mum. A game I remember playing every now and again was the popular fighting game, mortal kombat. I will be the first to admit; the game had a knack for getting people addicted especially when you were winning the fights. Amidst the excitement of mastering a cheat move and executing the best “fatality” (I was a beast with scorpion by the way), there was always a next level with an even stronger opponent. You had to start another fight, beat the next opponent and then repeat the whole process again until you reach the last level where you fight the bad guy who is the most difficult to beat.


Life is very much like a game of mortal Kombat. Whenever you embark on a new journey, no matter what it is, you always start at level one. There are challenges and difficulties, which you will have to overcome and at the time, they may seem like the most excruciating set of events you have ever gone through in your life. If you keep pushing and fighting however, you begin to realise that your circumstances begin to change. As we master one level in our lives, we move on to the next level. Most people believe that, they are only going to face one major hurdle on their journey to success. They believe because they went bankrupt or lost everything, history cannot repeat itself. The reality however is, things only get tougher and much more challenging the higher you go. If you think overcoming one adversity gives you a free pass through life’s success filtering system then I am afraid you are mistaken. I remember having a conversation two days ago with a friend who was just coming out of a second divorce. He was a bit distraught. He gave marriage a shot once and failed at it miserably. It just wasn’t the right fit. After 5 years of trying to make it work, they both gave up and decided to part ways. That was a big blow for my friend as this was the love of his life. They had promised to love each other, for better or for worse, and everything came crumbling down. It took him at least 3 years to get over this heartbreak with a lot of support from friends and family. On the 4th year of recovery, he met a wonderful lady who made him learn how to trust again and bring back the hope of endless love. Two years later they got married and then kids followed soon afterwards. Everything seemed to be going fine until my friend caught his wife cheating with a friend and through the confession; she admitted that one of their two children did not belong to him. A very sad situation as you can imagine. My friend asked me, why would such a thing happen to him twice? He questioned whether there was something wrong with him. As human beings we like to blame our selves for life’s ups and downs. We like to play victims instead of ceasing the opportunity to learn from the dark times life throws at us. These are the lessons that prepare you for the next phase of growth. Similar to my friend, most people will conclude that he just has bad luck with women. Whereas the reality of the matter is, it is simply life. Bad things happen to good people sometimes and unfortunately they will keep happening.


How you deal with those dark times will show whether you are ready and qualified to go to the next level. If you choose to let the situation control your emotions and dictate how happy or sad you are, then you are unfortunately not ready to progress from this level. There are many people who build great empires and lose everything and that is the end. Then there are others who build great empires, lose everything and build even greater empires. Those are the icons we constantly celebrate. Every hero needs a villain. The stronger your villain the greater your success if you overcome. Do not let the challenges of life keep you imprisoned. Fight for your next level. And remember; always be yourself because everyone else is taken.


Much love,


Peace Hyde.





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