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Celebrity Column: ‘Exceeding Expectations’ By Peace Hyde

Hello and welcome to a piece of peace. Your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share with you on the topic of “Exceeding Expectations”.

Last week was quite a challenging week. I have been going through quite a few difficult moments and usually when that happens, I take to my inspirational corner to find the right set of motivational words that can encourage me and bring me out of that funk. This week I stumbled upon an old Oprah interview, which she did back in 1986 that got me thinking. She said in her interview with Dr. Phill that “People have an expectation of who they think you are. When you start to exceed that expectation they start to go into who that she think she is or who does he think he is”. Why is that?

I was speaking to a music industry friend of mine who was explaining to me why one RnB singer in Ghana is doing much better than her fellow colleague. He said simply that one stays in her lane and does not step on anyone’s toes.

Whereas the second singer did not have a lane yet so her sound was similar to the first one. I simply asked, who decides which lane belongs to who and if they both can sing, why can’t the decision be simply left to the audience who ultimately decide whose music to support?

I have noticed a similar trend in different industries. Where immediately we perceive an individual as more successful, the “hater” button immediately gets activated. Sometimes I wonder if haters knew if their hate would be the blessing that was going to send us to where they would aspire to be, will they still be haters? Sometimes closing the door on an opportunity is just the right push you need to go to a higher level. The enemy has specifically walked certain people into your life to distract and destroy you. Distract you from your God given purpose and destroy your mind body and soul. But whatever someone can do to you, just remember, it is nothing compared to what God can do for you.

We are so emotionally involved with people in our lives that we get distracted. We continue to see a situation for what it was rather than what it is now. My message today is simple. Take a hard look at your inner circle. If the faces you see around are not helping you, building you or encouraging you to be a better person, then you need to let them GO. The road to success is an individual journey and God has provided all you need to make that journey a success. Trust him and live in his purpose. And no matter what you do, Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much Love,


Peace Hyde.





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