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Hello and welcome to a Piece of Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share on the topic “Doubt”.

Doubt is something that can severely affect your productivity in life. Have you ever had to do something and wondered if you were good enough to do it? Have you ever heard an amazing opportunity and felt unsure whether you had what it took to get the job? Do you second-guess yourself on every action that you take?

Do you believe the voices in your head that are giving you different opinions? Throughout your journey, there are several key moments, which will determine what your next break will be. The way you deal with the doubts that creep up during those times will determine how successful you will be.

This week I was having a conversation with a group of friends. One of the girls had recently left a very high paying job, which she hated to pursue her lifelong passion of music. My friend has always wanted to sing but never really had the courage to follow that dream. The first time that conversation came up with her parents, the idea was shut down immediately. She was told to focus on a professional career, which will bring her acclaim and rewards. She is from a family of high achievers.

Her father was the youngest Supreme Court judge and her mother attained professor status at the age of 24. For years she told herself she was doing the right thing and she had a responsibility to make her parents happy. After 8 years of hard work and rising to the top of a large venture capital firm, she finally gave up. She was at work one day and decided that this is not how she wanted to live her life. The money is great, but what good is getting paid a good wage if every single day of your life is filled with regret. She knows she did the right thing by quitting her job but she is in a state of perpetual doubt as to whether she can make it as a singer or if its even realistic to think she can have a career at her age.

Doubt is something that can stifle your creativity and your passion. Our existence is significantly influenced by the people we listen to like our parents, friends and even siblings. Sometimes the things they say can create so much doubt that we spend years neglecting our God given talents. Doubt is a type of fear. Fear prevents you from taking a leap of faith. As we progress in our individual journeys of greatness, those voices of doubts we hear in our heads will become frequent.

It is important to understand that it is however not the absolute truth. Overcoming your fears and your doubts is an important step in achieving what your purpose is. The opposite of doubt is Faith. Let that faith be the guidance you need during those dark times where you are unsure about your decisions. My friend took a leap of faith, she overcame her doubts and today she is signed to one of the biggest record labels in the US. Keep grinding and no matter what you do, always remember to be yourself because every one else is taken.


Much Love,


Peace Hyde.

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Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

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