Celebrities catch hashtag surulere fever, churn out pictures

Hashtag #Surulere# isn’t going viral because of the hit single from Dr Sid ft Don Jazzy, rather its because of its meaning ‘Patience is a virtue’ and has caught celebrities in a feverish rush.

Now we have celebrities posting online pictures of themselves when they had next to nothing side by side with what they are now. For example Uche Jumbo just posted hers only a few hours ago.

*Uche Jumbo

And so did actress Chike Ike who posted this screen shot last week on her Instagram page.

Chike Ike

The drift is that with patience and hard work, they have been able to achieve what everyone dreams of, wealth and fame. And then the pointer is thrown at fans that with patience and hard work, they could also do the same.

But the whole sequence of shots didn’t start until a few weeks ago when ace producer and singer Don Jazzy woke up to find this picture on his Instagram page.

*Don Jazzy

It’s a picture of him and and American singer Rihanna in traditional attire exquisitely put together on photoshop. “Shout out to whoever made this. Wow!!! I loveee it. ” cried an excited Don Jazzy on instagram “Look @Rihanna, this could be us. Oh wait it is us.”

The Surulere hashtag is hot online, racing fast to the category of a gospel, a message to fans who someday hope… pray… that could become the mini gods their celebrity idols have become.

Source: Vanguard NGR


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