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Celeb Feuds In Ghana Showbiz | Yvonne Nelson | Anita Erskine | Joselyn Dumas | Sandra Akobiah | Afia Schwarzenegger | Others

When it comes to celebrities all over the world, Ghana not an exception, it is not all about their glamorous lifestyles and happy celebrity moments like red carpet times, weddings, parties among others.

There are also a fair amount of drama circling around some of our favourite stars where accusations, counter accusations as well as cringe worthy digs fly about.

It is not unusual to find alliances and cliques formed between and among them. It is, however, puzzling how these relationships take a nose dive after enjoying public display of friendship.

Showbiz takes a look at some of the feuds in the Ghanian showbiz fraternity over the years. However, some of them have denied they are “frenemies” and there is no bad blood between them.

Samini and Shatta Wale

Samini and Shatta Wale

Samini and Shatta Wale

Call it the biggest rivalry in Ghanaian showbiz and you may not be far from the truth. For the past two years, the two self-acclaimed, “Dancehall Kings”, Samini and Shatta Wale, have not hidden their hatred for each other.

Perhaps, the “Shatta Samini” feud is the only that ever attracted a recognised body, MUSIGA, to intervene.

In 2013, Samini took the “battle” to a different level when he did a “diss” song, Scatter Bad Mind, in which he is alleged to have used derogatory words against Shatta Wale.

But there must have been some good signs when earlier this year, Shatta Wale praised the Linda hitmaker on TV3’s Diva show. “I like the way Samini performs”, he said.

Samini, had in the past, also acknowledged Shatta’s talent. “I think he is a very talented person. He is a real talent”.

Anita Erskine & Joselyn Dumas

Anita Erskine and Joselyn Dumas

Anita Erskine and Joselyn Dumas

Well, we can’t be sure if the relationship that existed between these great TV presenters was that of ‘bff’ type or it was just a working relationship. But from the ‘filla’ making the rounds, their relationship went sour when after years of hosting the One Show, Joselyn Dumas was “forced” to leave and replaced with Anita who was the producer of the show.

They have both failed to address the issue publicly but Anita in an interview claimed Joselyn has never been her best friend eventhough they worked together.

Delay & Afia Schwarzenegger

Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger

Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger

Their ‘frenemy’ status has not been a secret from the very day the relationship of once close buddies, Afia Schwarzenneger and Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay took a nose dive. The two have for two years and more traded insults.

Eventhough Delay has in recent times been mum about  their “hatred” for each other, Afia has used every opportunity to spew insults at her “saviour” who is credited for bringing her to the limelight.

Afia told everyone who cared to listen, “Delay cheated me” but now, Afia is also running her own show.

Let’s hope, these two talented ladies will put the past behind them and smoke the peace pipe and come out with more interesting “collabo”.

Promzy and Reggie Rockstone

Promzy and Reggie Rockstone

Promzy and Reggie Rockstone

Recently, Reggie Rockstone was accused by Promzy, formerly of VIP, that he caused his exit from the group. Reggie Rockstone defended himself saying his decision to join the group was after Promzy left and never before he did.

In a recent interview, Reggie confirmed that he had no beef with Promzy even though he (Promzy) had issued threats against him on social media.

Yvonne Nelson & Sandra Akobiah

Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobiah

Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobiah

They were best of friends; at least, that was what their fans were made to believe with the many pictures the two ladies posted of themselves on social media daily and then all that suddenly stopped.

Eventhough they both have denied there is bad blood between them, Yvonne Nelson confirmed on Delay’s Show some time ago that they were not as close as they used to be  and that, “ it was time, she let her [Sandra Ankobiah] go”.

But Sandra admitted on the same show later that she misses Yvonne sometimes.

Agya Koo & Kwaku Manu

Agya Koo and Kwaku Manu

Agya Koo and Kwaku Manu

One is not sure if their case is a student becoming better than the teacher. It is a known fact that Kumawood actor and comedian, Kwaku Manu, was Agya Koo’s protégé before he found his feet in the movie industry.

But his soaring popularity is believed to have threatened Agya Koo’s position on the comedy scene, one that the latter was not happy with.

What is said to have strained the relationship, however, was Kwaku Manu’s refusal to accept an offer by Agya Koo to manage him.

Whatever it is, the duo had a reconciliation meeting last year and it seems they are “cool” now.

Mzbel and Nana Aba Anamoah

Mzbel and Nana Aba Anamoah

Mzbel and Nana Aba Anamoah

They have never been best pals but the two are said not to see eye- to- eye and the reason behind their “tussle” is over a CEO of a bank in the country.

The two have denied being “enemies” as it is being speculated but we have never known them to be friends too. Whatever it is, the “feud” between the ladies may not end now if the rumour is anything to go by.

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo

There is no doubt that Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo’s friendship had been the envy of most people. They refered to themselves with sweet titles such as ‘boo’, ‘bff’ among others. But recent happenings show the once ‘sweet friendship’ has hit the rocks.

Well, that is what the public got to know through a Tweet by John Dumelo saying Yvonne  had stabbed him in the back in connection with the recent DumsorMustStop vigil when the Princess Tyra actress described him as an “ass kisser”. Despite the tension, Yvonne says John is “still my boo”.

Leila Djansi and Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

Leila Djansi and Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

Leila Djansi and Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

It is said they were close pals until they worked together on a film I Sing of a Well. That was the moment the two ladies “fought” over the ownership of the movie. Akorfa filed a suit against her friend but later had it withdrawn.

In her words, “I don’t see myself working with Leila in the future” and it seems she meant her words and there has not been any joint production from the two since then.

Ex-Doe & Chicago

They thrilled Ghanaians with their hit song, Daavi Medekuku, some years ago but as the popularity of the song soared, its ownership became a problem.

As a result, they went their separate ways and recorded diss songs for each other. While Ex doe did Ma Ba, to announce his presence, Chicago hit him with Wo Beko to shoo him away.

The two, however, mounted the same stage some three years  to perform Daavi Medekuku at Back In the Day concert held in Accra.

Mzbel & Stacy

Call it fight over Jesus and you will not be wrong. Until Stacy’s “betrayal” of Mzbel on her Restoration show, these ladies were best of friends but their respective perception of  Jesus Christ has torn them apart.

Mzbel’s beef? As a very good friend, Stacy had known for a long time that she didn’t believe in Jesus Christ yet, she asked for her stand on the story of Jesus Christ when she appeared on her show.

For a country that is obviously “Jesus bias”, one’s public denial of the story of Jesus Christ will attract public disdain and that was what Mzbel suffered.

Mzbel felt betrayed and believed Stacy just used her to get attention for her new show.

But in a response, Stacy asked the Legelege artiste, “to grow up”.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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