Cassidy fails to turn up for Accra Night Life Awards


Struggling American hip hop act Cassidy should be thinking of how to refund fees paid him by organizers of the Accra Night Life Awards, after he failed to show up for the event.

Billed to perform for the first time in Ghana, the young act for reasons that are still being figured out (although a prior explanation of personal problems back home has been given), didn’t show up, giving way to a lot of suspicion. The organizers say they are highly disappointed he couldn’t make it, after giving them very clear indications even two days before the show, that he was going to make it.

Management sources say they are going to ask for a refund of the full amounts paid Cassidy, and possibly take it a step further – legally – for causing them so much damage.

Cassidy not turning up for the event was a huge surprise for most patrons after an earlier Twitter post that he was going to make it, got them all excited. “I would be live in Accra Ghana for the RLG Accra Night Life Awards on Feb 16th @ the Event Haven powered by EDGE 53. #Africa #DaHustla”, he tweeted on February 7. But be it as it may, he failed to make good his promise.

What is not clear however, is whether the change of date for the event, which was originally scheduled to take place on February 16, as captured in Cassidy’s tweet, was largely responsible for him not showing up.

In what was a colourful event, the maiden Accra Night Life Awards came off last Saturday, at the Event Haven, inside the Accra International Conference Centre.


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