Carlos Sakyi betrayed musicians and must face the full rigours of the law

TRUST is valuable and must be held in high esteem so when someone you TRUST so much betrays you, it becomes difficult to trust another. As I always say no matter how difficult it is to trust human beings you have no option than to trust someone since you can’t work with robots or animals but higher mammals.

I had the opportunity to attend some of Carlos Sakyi’s lectures when they were struggling to wrestle power from Sidiku Buari and trust me the guy was on fire, he could speak for 8 hours nonstop. In fact he spoke till Sidiku Buari sued him for defamation but Carlos said when a matter is in court, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it so he continued speaking till Sidiku gave up and withdrew the case from court.

The fact was when you heard him speak those days you would think he was an ANGEL. I remember vividly some of the very old men who use to attend the meetings at Abrantee Spot with the hope that one day when Carlos Sakyi became king, all their problems would come to an end. Some even died before the struggle ended but I believe they passed on with a peaceful and hopeful heart. BUT what happened?

The very things Carlos Sakyi accused Sidiku Buari of doing wrong were the same things he repeated.

The industry was so polarized at that time so most of us thought he would use that opportunity to bring everyone on board but he rather deepened it.

He accused Sidiku of not been transparent and not holding AGMs yet he run the darkest administration the music industry has ever witnessed, in fact he operated like an occult shrouded in secrecy and when you complained he would ask you to go and form your own CMO or association.

For the two years and the illegal additional one year he spent in office he could not boast of even a press release not to talk of a press conference and an AGM.

He accused Sidiku’s board of sharing 1000gh among themselves as Christmas bonus. Carlos in his era metamorphosed from board chairman to CEO then to management member and paid himself GHS 2,500 every month with other allowances and even bought a Toyota Sequoia V8 without the knowledge of his board members.

My question is, was he going to use the car for collecting monies since that’s the core business of GHAMRO whiles the company does not even have a motorbike for errands? If the answer is yes, then I would describe it as misplaced priority because musicians who are always complaining about their small royalties don’t need a V8 engine that consumes more fuel.

He said who would invest in an industry that does not have a logging and proper accounting system in place; I would like him to ask himself if he was able to accomplish that.

To cut a long story of accusations short Carlos Sakyi’s administration was taken to court by Nana Ampadu and 100 other musicians a decision I believe was the best because the industry had been taken for granted for far too long attaining the highest point of culture of impunity and a precedent needed to be set so that nobody would take musicians for granted in Ghana anymore. That’s why I say the law courts should punish anyone found guilty of any misappropriation of funds.

It’s quite shocking how the culture of impunity is rudely been displayed after the high court of Ghana ruled that Carlos Sakyi and his Apostles should step aside.

They have refused to respect the Judge’s ruling, they were on air saying they will not give the keys to the new board so locks had to be changed before the Receiver Managers could commence work since they have only SIX months to work and hold an election.

They have withdrawn monies from the bank account that belongs to GHAMRO and have asked the bank not to allow the new board members access to the account despite the Court ruling because of their connections at the bank and a Stay of Execution they claim should not allow the new court appointees to work.

John Mensah Sarpong a former board member has openly said that the Judge was BIAS and that they are going to expose him at the Supreme Court come October 14th just because the Judge refused to hear their STAY OF EXECUTION application.

I know it’s painful to lose a court case but to go round chastising the judge is uncalled for and he John Mensah Sarpong should be brought to order. The fact is if you don’t agree with a court ruling it stands until another ruling is given that’s why you have the Appeal and Supreme Courts.

Even before the court ruling Carlos Sakyi had refused to speak to any media house, so I was very surprised when I heard he had gone to report to Graphic Showbiz that people were sending him death threatening messages. Why would anyone threaten him, even when he was in power and everyone was complaining NO one threatened him?

Now that he is a key witness in such a historic case why would someone do that or is he making up stories to get some public sympathy since threatening cases should be reported to the police and not Graphic Showbiz, but if it is true then I would plead with whoever is threatening him to stop it since we need Carlos Sakyi alive to witness in court in the ongoing case.

In conclusion what all the industry is fighting for is that musicians be allowed to have an election to exercise their voting rights and elect their own board members so that the right structure are put in place and I believe that’s exactly what the high court granted.


This was submitted by Agustina Addison, Concerned Right Owner, 024 462 9972

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