Caption this photo of Caroline and Nii Aryee

Two radio icons, Nii Aryee Tagoe and Caroline Sampson were caught in a romantic mood when they took some time off their busy schedules behind the console to have fun at the pool side in an exclusive photo, NEWS-ONE has gathered.

Indeed, any two friends can pose for the cameras at the pool side.However, the body language of Nii Aryee and Caroline speaks otherwise. It leaves one wondering if they are really just friends?Nii really looked his romantic best as his eyes were busily closed in a manner that one may think he was dripping downstairs.

Caroline on the other hand looked comfortable and was taking it cool as if she was saying, “yeah I’m comfortable with him. I like it huge and he is my kind of man.”

Both personalities have a controversial past with their relationships. It is currently not known who they are both dating and that aided wide speculations about their pose in the snapshot.

Caroline and Nii Aryee

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