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Can We Stop The Loose Talks Please? Kwaw Kese | Blakk Rasta | Marijuana legalisation

Due to freedom of speech, the media landscape in Ghana is constantly flooded with loose talk upon loose talk. The entertainment section of the media is by far one area where most of these irresponsible outpour are recorded.

As the name suggests, loose talks are talks, which lack any reasonable meaning or to be blunt – do not just make sense or do not have any reasonable correlation.

Unlike politics, where any such loose talk can result in the person being dragged to the law courts to defend or substantiate what was said, the entertainment fraternity is a free for all kind of thing.

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It is such that, anyone at all can just open their mouths and say whatever it is that they want about any personality or outfit without thinking of the repercussion.

After all, nobody will sue or drag the person to court. Even though Charterhouse and Shatta Wale’s court issue has opened the gate, as to whether it will continue is another issue.

Sometimes, one wonders why people in the entertainment industry are so quick to make loose statements when they should be guided by their managers and handlers.

Indeed, most of these managers are just errand boys who do not have any influence on the artistes.

It is very certain that many people who may be guilty of this will have a thing or two with the headline of this feature. I just cannot help but to voice it out as usual without malice.

Blakk Rasta and Kwaw Kese

Blakk Rasta and Kwaw Kese

I will not try to play God here! Before I proceed to say whatever I have in mind, first to those of you who may not understand the expression, playing God in any situation means when one tries or acts in a way to seem as if the person is above everyone and or in total control of something.

I subscribe greatly to the concept of freedom of speech as enshrined in Ghana’s Constitution. In fact, I buy into the idea that, people must be allowed to voice out their opinions on any topic.
However, the free will and ability for one to voice out their opinions has been thrown to the dogs. The level of loose talks in the entertainment landscape is nauseating.

Ordinarily, it’s not such a big deal when people sometimes make irresponsible statements but when a well known media personality or a celebrity spews out loose talks upon loose talks all over the place; it becomes more worrisome than we think because of how such personalities are perceived in the country.

Like any outfit governed with rules and regulations, Ghana is a country, which is governed by a Constitution, and some things are illegal in the face of the laws of the land. Smoking of marijuana, among other things is illegal in Ghana.
Celebrities have the power and the ability to influence the masses with the things they do and say. It is no surprising that, the Ghana Food and Drug Board has banned celebrities from taking part in alcoholic beverage commercials. The reasons for the ban is very obvious.

For me, smoking is not by force, it is a matter of choice but I am disturbed by the fact that, the past few weeks has seen two influential and revered musicians calling and advocating for the legalisation of marijuana, also known as Indian hemp.

Kwaw Kese

Controversial rapper, Kwaw Kese who was jailed and also fined by a Kumasi High Court after he was found guilty of smoking the banned substance at a pub in Kumasi in a post on his Facebook page said that, he was unfairly arrested for “enjoying” his “choice of smoke”.
He asked why cigarettes are allowed to be sold freely in the country when it’s poisonous and harmful.

Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

He posted: “Thanks to these #MadTimers for that support when they arrested me for enjoying my choice of smoke. I think it’s time to legalise #Taaba so that those 80% who shhhmoke in Gh can enjoy their choice of smoke without any interventions!!! Why should a person be jailed for smoking when it’s their choice??? After all cigarettes are poisonous and harmful but it’s for sale!!! #legalise #Ntampee now !!! #Yakubu”

Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta is revered for one thing – his no nonsense approach to things. He’s criticised by many for his outburst on Taxi Driver programme on Hitz FM.

He is also advocating for the legalisation of marijuana. According to him, several countries around the world have started legalising it and Ghana must follow suit.

Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta

He allegded on his show that majority of Members of Parliament use the substance. “There are about 80 percent of Parliamentarians who smoke weed so why do people think those who smoke marijuana go mad.”

“There are a lot of people in Parliament who smoke but will want to remain unknown, people who smoke marijuana are presidents, so if your president is smoking marijuana how can you say someone will get mad?”
“We can get a lot more products from marijuana than cocoa, marijuana doesn’t kill, we can use it for commercial purposes which Ghana can make a lot of money from”, he added.

I am not surprised that, he has earned himself an invitation to appear before the Privileges Committee of Parliament to substantiate that loose talk.

I don’t share their views that the reason for calling for the legalisation of weed is that majority of Ghanaians use the illegal substance. What?

Does that mean rape should be legalised in Ghana with the silly excuse that, ladies get raped almost on a daily basis? I do not think so. I therefore ask on what basis is the call for the legalisation of the banned substance?

The loose talks must end now. It is about time celebrities put the brakes on their irresponsible outbursts. That is my opinion but I do not know about you, dear reader.

By Ebenezer Anangfio / Graphic Showbiz

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