Can Beauty Be Bought?

“If you don’t like how you look, then change it” these were the words of a plastic surgeon in an infomercial. Just like that infomercial, many cosmetic and make up adverts sometimes leave us thinking that beauty is unattainable, can be bought from a cosmetic shop or is very expensive.

They make us feel beauty is unattainable because they usually present, in their commercials, models who are near perfect and dare I say flawless. Makeup commercials make beauty out to be too plastic and as though it is a commodity that is readily available over the counter.

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Plastic surgeons on the other hand only just reinforce that you need to have a fat bank account in order to get them to sculpture you into that beautiful figure you desire. Expensive, unattainable or buyable, the question is, are these perceptions real?

These perceptions are usually as a result of a misconception between beauty and pretty or good looking. A beautiful person is not the same as a pretty or good looking person, they may be synonyms but they certainly are not the same. Being pretty is only surface deep, it can be touched up with a cosmetic here and a make up there. That’s a pretty face. But beauty is a lot deeper than a pretty face, beauty is from a place where you cannot touch up with make-up. It’s from within, true beauty is not about make up because a pretty face is nothing without a pretty heart to match.

The kind of beauty we must all strive to have is the one that spreads a warmth around to everyone, the kind that is so infectious that it brightens up someone’s darkest moments. Beauty is in the smile that gives joy to the person who is having a bad day, it’s in the kind gesture that you effortlessly render to that needy person and it’s in the confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Confidence is an attribute of beauty. A confident woman is automatically beautiful, she understands herself, she is not afraid to express herself and does not allow herself to fit into or be defined by the unattainable beauty standards set by society. She sets her own beauty standards, whether dark or fair, size 18 or 0, kinky or permed hair, tall or short, nothing holds her back. She loves herself not too much to make her look down on others but just enough to appreciate and respect others. She feels beautiful in her own skin and refuses to let anyone make her feel inadequate.

Nothing you say can bring her down, she knows and accepts herself for who she is, she is fearless. That’s what we term a LUX woman. She is assertive, knows what she want, and does not allow anything to keep her down. That’s the kind of beauty we must all aspire to have, the kind that is within you. Let’s call it the spark, that thing they spurs you to greater heights. It can’t be bought because it’s a feeling, just like the feeling you get when you bathe with LUX.

Beauty is within you, finding your spark is what makes you unstoppable. Ignite the spark that brings out the confidence in you. Ignite your spark, with just a little LUX.

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Beautiful African fashion model with long lush hairstyle and makeup. African beauty and golden jewelry.

Beautiful African fashion model with long lush hairstyle and makeup. African beauty and golden jewelry.

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