Can a Carpenter do the work of a Pilot? Open letter to all AUCC-SRC Executive Hopefuls Part 2

Dear AUCC Student,

I greet you with a frowned face and worried heart. I hope you are faring great within the four walls of the prestigious AUCC institution, where the Great discover themselves.

Sincerely, I want to begin by appreciating you for taking the pain to read my first letter and sharing with your friends.

In fact, you are the reason I’m taking the risk to openly speak and highlight  on pertinent SRC issues that many secretly complain bitterly about but lack the *balls* to call for a positive change.

And this trickles down to the question and subject matter that spirited this open letter: Can a Carpenter do the work of a Pilot?

A *Million Cedi* question that has left me sweating in a sixteen degrees air- conditioned room. *I can fry an egg with the heat that my *butt* is currently generating into my swivel chair*.

Obviously, I engage you at this moment with mixed feelings because per my findings on some candidates that will be presented to the Student Body as *SRC Leadership Hopefuls* makes me feel AUCC is students are still in the dark when it comes to student leadership.

Therefore, I have resolved beyond reasonable doubts that if you and I do not take precautions about who we elect as our *Student Reps*, we all would be tasting and drinking another *bitter bile juice* prepared by incompetence, cluelessness and our own negligence in electing the right leaders.

Allow me to take you down memory lane, when AUCC had air-conditioned lecture halls with state of the art class teaching equipment.

What do you see today in our lecture halls?

Have you tried finding out why we have specially designed glass windows?

Do you ever complain about how hot the lecture halls get sometimes when we have a joint class?

These are little things the SRC can do to support the school and student body but we see no such thing.

In fact SRC leaders in other institutions are not busy *building castles in the air!* But leaving meritorious legacies in the Student’s Hall of Fame! Don’t leave a legacy of rhetoric but deeds.

Who qualifies to lead a flock of sheep – is it a Butcher or a Shepherd?

Who qualifies to fly an airplane – is it a Carpenter or a Pilot?

As you have resolved to vote during the upcoming AUCC-SRC Elections, ask yourself these questions:

  1. *Will you contract a Carpenter to fly an airplane that carries your sick sibling and mother to go seek medical treatment?*
  2. *Or you will contract the services of a Pilot to fix furniture in your home?*

It would indeed be illogical and a wrong application of wisdom should your answer be a YES!

Unarguably, I don’t think we deserve leaders that are clueless, uninformed, manipulative, power hungry, drunk with partisan politics who lack confidence and continuity of purpose!

Yet, we are unfortunately drowned in the divisive sinking sands or bloody pool of partisan politics.

We have become selfish and unguarded agents of the political divide.

We blindly defend, unduly protect and deliberately cover the corrupt practices of individuals we share political party colours with.

Arguably, its obvious that affiliation to these political parties did not come by ascribing to constructive ideologies aimed at bringing us holistic development but rather stemmed from tribal affiliation and by virtue of birth or family connection.

For this reason, the corrupt or diabolic masses have always determined who leads us. But let not AUCC-SRC leadership be like the typical bi-partisan Ghanaian politics.

Don’t come and vote because you were paid to vote.

Don’t come and vote because the aspiring candidate is your friend or a member from your tribe.

Don’t come and vote based on Partisan Political affiliation.

Don’t come and vote based on beauty or handsomeness.

Don’t come and vote because of selfish gains or some vague promises made to you by anyone.

Vote based on competence to save yourself the trouble of murmuring your discomfort to yourself.

Be mindful, that after the elections there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the hands of time if that friend begins to disappoint you with cluelessness and incompetence.

Carefully test all candidates by their deeds so far in the school and vote them into office if they deserve the nod!

Besides, *You won’t lose anything if you voted for a competent stranger or enemy who is a progressive leader rather than voting for a shallow and clueless friend who will bring you disgrace and dent the image of AUCC*.

More letters to come. I rest my case!

By: Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)

Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)

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