Bumpin’ and Grindin’ in the #BBATheChase

Things got quite heated up this evening in the Ruby House, not that we were surprised or anything. It seems like the Ruby Housemates were using the opportunity of doing rather exotic moves with one another as an excuse to be following the rules of their current Task.

Selly started off by giving a shocked Sulu a very exotic lap dance, much to the Zambian’s excitement. He probably couldn’t believe his luck as Selly took deep dives between Sulu’s wide open legs. Who knew that this Ghanian beauty could grind?

Selly went on to have a nice long session of ‘bump n grind’ with Angelo in front of their fellow Housemates who didn’t seem to mind the show at all. In fact Feza and Bassey were also doing moves of a sexual nature in front of the mirror.

Pokello didn’t seem impressed by all the action around her but nobody really cared as they were all having fun. Feza broke out of her shell and gave her prospective beau an exotic dance as well. Although it was short lived, I’m sure Oneal appreciated it… a lot. That’s the most you are getting tonight buddy.

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.LgScreen-ShotGrinding_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbad

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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