Bull Dog dares Anas Aremeyaw Anas over John Dumelo’s love triangle saga!

Chief Executive of Bull Haus Entertainment, Bull Dog, has publicly challenged ace investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to come out with whatever story he has on actor John Dumelo or forever hold his peace.

Bull Dog, speaking on Etv’s Talk Showbiz stated categorically that Anas does not have anything on John Dumelo and that the journalist was only issuing empty threats and “false warnings”.

The investigative journalist was reported to have posted on his Facebook wall that “Somebody should be whispering into John Dumelo’s ears that whereas it is fantastic idea to own a clothing line, it is not ideal to do that at the expense of a three month old baby and the mum. I may be forced to release some audio tapes on him on the saga. It is not fair to reap where you have not sown. If the matter is not put to rest in two weeks, I would release them for people to make their own judgment on the Australian issue.”Bull Dog

Though Anas did not tell what exactly he had on Dumelo, the actor has swiftly given a response to the media and said he would make an official response to whatever story Anas was about to bring up even before the story reaches the public.

Surprisingly, Bull Dog also has no idea what the contents of Anas’s story may be but he was emphatic in calling the bluff of the award winning investigative journalist: “Anas does not have anything on John Dumelo because if he did, he would have put it out there long ago. I’m sure whatever he has on Dumelo will be the relationship thing that we all know about because knowing John, he does not look like a fraudulent person. I’m very sure the tape Anas is talking about is going to be sexual and you know for the people in this business, it is normal.”

NEWS-ONE can also state on authority that the story Anas claims to have on Dumelo includes an apparent fraud running into several thousands of American dollars and that Anas with his team have reached Dumelo over the matter.

John Dumelo recently came under strong condemnation when his alleged wife Harrina Dembele popped up.

The US based model, actress and nurse swore she was legally married to John and has a marriage certificate to show for it. Even though John Dumelo denied the whole thing, his alleged wife produced the marriage certificate which had he real names of John Dumelo, his real age and the real names of his parents.

Interestingly after providing such incriminating evidence against John Dumelo, he still maintains that marriage certificate was used as props for a marriage scene in a new documentary he is currently shooting at different locations in different countries all over the world.

Source: News-One

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