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Buk Bak’s former member, Papa Shotto to rejoin the group?

Papa Shotto, real name Isaac Shoetan was a member of the group; Buk Bak that churned out hits after hits when Hip life started several years ago. Other members in the group; Bright Bling Bling Sparkles and Ronnie Coches.

The group broke up and worked on their solo projects. In 2011, they staged a comeback and released ‘Kolom’, which was an instant hit.

After the noise on their comeback, Shoetan’s rap was taken out from the song due to their inability to agree on certain terms, GhanaGist.Com told. The rapper has hinted of a comeback to the group only under the right circumstances and paper work signed.

Watch Buk Bak’s Komi Ke Kena video

When they reunited in 2011

Kolom video without Shoetan

Papa Shotto

Papa Shotto

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