British High Commissioner to Ghana says £3,000 Visa bond will affect a small number of people

British High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Peter Jones

British High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Peter Jones

Well I’m pretty sure you are wondering why part away with a whopping £3,000 upfront just to visit the UK. The British High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Peter Jones says the move will only affect small number of people.

Do you really care?

British High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Peter Jones, in a move to bring to rest growing debate over the recently announced plan to demand upfront cash bonds from some persons looking to travel to the United Kingdom.

In a tweet from his official account, the High Commissioner noted: “To be clear: visa bonds [are] a possible pilot. Nothing decided. If it did roll out, would apply to only a small number.”

He further advised that persons seeking to acquire visas must “apply in good time and follow the online guidance please.”

Home secretary Theresa May’s new plan to demand upfront cash bonds, reportedly set at around £3,000 for visitors from “high risk” countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and India, has been widely condemned by persons living in these countries.

The idea, to be piloted from November, is aimed at deterring people from “high risk” countries staying in the UK once their short-term visas expire.

Under the plan, they would forfeit the money unless they left when required.

The Confederation of Indian Industry in a statement on Tuesday said the move was “highly discriminatory”.

The UK government however says the problem of so-called “overstayers” is one of the biggest challenges facing the immigration system and they want to target visitors from certain countries who present the greatest risk.

Citi FM’s social media platforms have been inundated with comments on the development with several persons condemning the UK’s move.

Some reactions expressed are as follows:

Bukari Emma Wumpini @BukariEmmaWumpi
@Citi973 the uk policy is a retaliation to countries who has not legalize [same sex relationships].

@Citi973 Sky this UK policy is a clear manifestation of what the they’ve been doing us even b4 independence

Bukari Emma Wumpini @BukariEmmaWumpi
Ghana should retaliate if the policy is implemented. Yes we ‘ll suffer the most @ the initial stages but our soveign is important


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