Boys Boys back on Viasat1 with ‘The Good Life’ season

boys boys

The all-men talk show BOYS BOYS makes a return to Viasat1 this Thursday 6th March with a brand new season tagged The Good Life Season. The next 13 weeks of Boys Boys will explore the concept of good living and how successful ‘boys’ manage to stay on top to fulfill their potentials.

Boys Boys is the ultimate platform that indulges and entertains some of the most influential, successful and outspoken men in the country. The new season, which is the forth, delves into the attributes of possessing a winning mentality, with focus on other aspects of a good life in regards to health, family, sex, among others.

The vocal, expressive and eloquent Kojo Frempong makes a comeback to host Boys Boys after missing the second and third seasons. Kojo’s return to the show is expected to spur a new focus on content direction and the profile of guests expected to appear on the show. He takes over the baton from Derrick Kobina Bonney (DKB), who hosted seasons two and three.

The Programmes Manager of Viasat1, Mr. Frank Norteye, assures viewers that the repackaged content of Boys Boys Season 4, will keep viewers glued to their set every Thursday evening to catch the show. “We intend to make Boys Boys as inspirational as possible to our male audience, with the aim of helping them live a good life.”

Frank also adds that the new season of Boys Boys aims to increase consumer share of our viewership of Viasat1.

Two new segments have been added to the show: The Look Book Segment and Health Segment. The first segment is focused on enlightening men with regards to fashion and how to look and feel good. The 3-minutes or so segment will have a fashion stylist to give tips on what to look out for with fashion trends and more. The second segment will also touch on health tips and the right things to consume or do to live a healthy, happy life.

The first few guests of the show will include Reggie Rockstone, Universal Music’s Rab Bakari, Lawyer Yoni Kulendi, Captain of the Achimota Golf club Renee Kwame, Architect SM Quartey and many others. The first episode of the season will air on Thursday, Independence Day, at 8PM on Viasat1 and will air same time every Thursday.

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